Please complete and print before visiting our office.

  • WIC Application Form
  • Participant Rights & Responsibilities
  • Medical Documentation Form

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    Las formas del Programa de WIC estan disponibles para completar y para imprimir antes de visitar nuestra oficina.

  • Informacion para la Cita de WIC
  • Solicitud para WIC (Fax 321-2243)
  • Derechos y Responsabilidades del Participante

    The USDA (WIC) is an equal opportunity provider.

    Intérprete gratuito | مترجم مجاني | Mukalimani wa bure | Nishulka Dobhasey

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    Aug. 218:30 am

    Meeting to be held via video conference. Public may view through the CDH YouTube page.
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    Note: The Board of Health will meet every Tuesday at 4 p.m. via teleconference unless otherwise indicated to discuss COVID-19 developments. Regularly scheduled Board of Health meetings are also planned and are anticipated to include COVID-19 discussion as well as other agenda items.

    Serving You During COVID-19

    Some CDH events, meetings, and gatherings may still be postponed at this time. Please call us at 208-375-5211 with questions about a specific meeting or gathering. CDH is open and offering services, including food and septic permit applications and processing, primary care clinic appointments (non-respiratory-related).

    Call to make a clinic appointment: 208-327-7400

    Learn more about how we're serving you during COVID-19 HERE.