Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco Cessation

Free Quit Tobacco Classes

Virtual Quit Nicotine classes held for 4 weeks, starting February 2nd and going into March. Click below for more information.

Virtual Quit Nicotine Class Flyers & Links:

Orientation - February 2nd, from 12-1 pm:

Weekly Class- Starts February 9th at 12-2 pm:

Orientation - February 4th, from 6-7 pm:

Weekly Class - Starts February 11th at 6-8 pm:

Orientation - March 1st, from 6-7 pm:

Weekly Class- Starts March 8th at 6-8 pm:

Orientation - March 4th, from 3-4 pm:

Weekly Class - Starts March 11th at 3-5 pm:

Get information on classes near you by calling Chakoma Haidari at (208) 327-8543. Email or see upcoming dates below.

Free Nicotine Patches, Gum, or Lozenge

Register for this offer online at or by phone at 1-800-QuitNow (1-800-784-8669)

Free Phone and Web-Based Quitting Help
Funded by Idaho Tobacco Millennium Funds, Coordinated by Project Filter

Quitting tobacco use isn’t easy. Get the tools and support you need to be successful by attending FREE classes supported by the Idaho Tobacco Millennium Funds.

Tobacco Cessation Resources

Ada County Classes

Other classes available upon request, contact Chakoma Haidari: 208-327-8543 for more information.

Valley County Classes

Contact Chakoma Haidari: 208-327-8543

Elmore County Classes

Contact Chakoma Haidari: 208-327-8543

Resources Handout

Download the Free Quit Tobacco Resources Handout


Chakoma Haidari
Policy Analyst
Email Chakoma

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