Health Promotion FAQs

Health Promotion

Central District Health has worked with many area facilities catering to seniors to offer the very popular Fit & Fall Proof classes. Go to this page of our website for more information on the locations, days and times of these classes.

Free services to help individuals quit using tobacco (including 4 weeks of your choice of nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges) are available on the web at or through telephone counseling at the Idaho Quitline, 1-800-QuitNow (1-800-784-8669). Group classes, some of which may charge a fee, are offered by local tobacco cessation counselors. These programs are supported by the Idaho Tobacco Millennium Funds. For more information please visit our website.

In Idaho, the leading cause of cancer death among both males and females is lung cancer. Among males and females combined, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death. Programs to address smoking, the leading cause of lung cancer, exist in every health district in Idaho. Increasing the awareness and knowledge about the prevention and screening of colorectal cancer is also addressed by all seven health districts in Idaho. For more information about cancer preventio[page name]n, detection and treatment, go to